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White hair & limp hair turn naturally black after just one wash!
NaturaSync Onyx Black™ is developed with the latest technology, using the essences of Chinese herbs. Free of lead and ammonia, this remedy reduces skin irritation, allergies and scalp damage. Onyx Blackis gentle on the scalp and it restores your hair’s colour, lustrous shine and smoothness, resulting in a lasting effect with its unique formula. With just the simple act of shampooing your hair, Onyx Black works whether you are suffering from white hair, partial white hair or grey hair, giving you a head of smooth and beautiful black hair.

天然之道染发良品™ 是最新一代高科技黑发产品,采用中药秘方,中药植物提取精华而制成,并且不含氨基苯酚及铅。不刺激皮肤,能够减少过敏症状及降低头皮受损的机率,对头皮更加温和,使染发后的头发温顺,易于梳理,头发乌黑,色泽自然持久。配方独特,无论是白发,少白发,灰头发,一染就乌黑,亮泽。

Ginseng (人参)
Has been used in China for over 5000 years, providing energy and strength, increases the efficiency of the circulatory systems, resulting in optimal nourishment to hair, hence strengthening and minimizing breakage.

Function (功能)
Enhances hair elasticity and strengthens hair
强化头发的弹性, 并增强发质

P.Multiflorum (何首乌)
Invigorate blood, promote movement of Qi, also used as a fragrance component in soaps and cosmetics. It helps to restore hair colour, keeping it lustrous and smooth.

Function (功能)
Restores hair colour, keepign it lustrous and smooth

Angelica Roots (当归)
Research indicates herb promotes a healthy memory, counter’s stress and alleviate’s anxiety.

Function (功能)
Improves scalp nutrition